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Screening Criteria- BCI Properties- Pursuant to RCW 59.18.257

Screening Criteria – BCI Properties – Pursuant to RCW 59.18.257

BCI is committed to providing rental homes and working with prospective tenants to find a home that fits their individual needs. Our rental criterion is a guideline to qualify prospective tenants for a rental home with BCI Properties, LLC. All individuals 18 years and older whom will be occupying the rental home or unit, must fill out a separate application. We will income qualify all prospective tenants collectively living in the same household.

Income Requirements:

  • Gross income (including co- applicants) shall be a Minimum of three (3) times the full rental amount, to include but not limited to, monthly utility fees, pet rent, Risk management fees, etc.
  • Documents to show proof of income must be provided prior to approval of the application.
  • TANF, Food Stamps, Social Security income, disability income, child support, alimony, trust funds, etc., are all approved sources of income to qualify at the three (3) times the amount of the rent

Employment History:

  • Twelve months of current employment or similar work field.
  • Self-employed person(s) will need to show proofof income or last year’s tax return

Rental History:

  • Twelve months of verifiable good rental history
  • No evictions in the last 5 years
  • No collections or outstanding money owing to another Landlord or Property Management company

Criminal Records:

  • No felonies in the last five years (not applicable in the city of Seattle)

Credit Requirements:

  • Cannot have over $2000 in total in collections. Exemptions will be made for student loans and medical balances.
  • No bankruptcies in the last five years.

You will be automatically denied if you have evictions or felonies within the last five years, open bankruptcies, money owing to previous landlord, and or no income. All applicants must provide proper identification (Driver’s license, Military I.D., Passport) and social security card prior to screening along with proof of income and a $50 screening fee. Providing false and misleading information will result in a denial of your application. If your application is denied, the landlord is required to provide you with a written notice of denial or other adverse action.

If you find you do not meet the non-disqualifying criteria you may qualify for the risk management program. The risk management program consists of a r= months’ rent, security deposit, extra $1000 on security deposit, and $100 per month added to the base rent.

Rental Application

Complete a separate application if co-applicant. ANY person 18 years or older must fill out a full application and agree to a Screening Investigation to be considered for tenancy even if living with a parent. Screening fee is $50/pp. Fill this out completely to avoid a delay in processing which could result in denial of tenancy

APPLICANT INFORMATION (One application per person)
APPLICANT INFORMATION (One application per person)
ADDITIONAL OCCUPANTS - Name - Date of Birth - Relationship
List installment payments made to mortgage auto, other loans. Company Name, City State, Account No, Mo. Payment, Loan Balance REFERENCES - Name/Relationship IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES Have you or your co-applicant ever used any other name? If yes, what was your prior full name Have you or any co-applicant: Been evicted? Refused to pay rent? Filed Bankruptcy? Been convicted of a felony? Have you or any other person named on this application ever been convicted for dealing, possessing or manufacturing illegal drugs? Do you have special needs? Do you have or plan to have an animal of any kind? Do you have or plan to have a Service Animal of any kind

NOTICE: False statements are a crime and offenders will be aggressively prosecuted by our Attorney.
An outside agency will make an investigative report and present it to us for review. This report may include a criminal background search, a driving record check, employment history, social security number verification, and a credit inquiry. Other inquiries may include, but are not limited in, your character, general reputation, mode of living, phone call to current landlord and personal characteristics. By signing this document you are releasing any and all persons, companies, agencies, or others from liability resulting from your background investigation. You are entitled to receive a disclosure of information resulting from the investigation. We adhere to Fair Housing Laws as posted in our office.

THERE IS A $50 SCREENING FEE REQUIRED per adult applicant, to process this application, which we must pay to a pro screening company. Please include $50 per adult applicant with this application. Please include or bring in a legal photo ID, Social Security Card or Birth Certificate, Proof of Income (pay check stub or Tax return).

Signatures below attest to agreement with the above statements. The facts set forth in this application are true and complete. I/We understand that if any information in this application is found to be false, that there will be a denial of my application and/or subsequent tenancy. There will be NO refund of application fees under any circumstances.
*If your application is not approved for any reason, ask about our "Risk Management Program".

*NOTICE: Special needs tenants and Tenants who have Service Animals are a protected class by Law. Landlords may not ask why you have these needs nor any questions as to the conditions which require these, however Landlords may ask if you have such needs in order to supply any health or safety provisions as needed at the residence or for our records. Your application will never be turned down for any of these specific reasons. It is considered reasonable and fair for a Landlord to ask for a Doctor or Health Care Provider's Letter to attest to such needs and how we can help. All applications are confidential and protected.

Application and Consent Form – Tenant Screening

Please Print, Sign/Date and Return via or Fax (253) 531-5358

I certify and declare under penalty of perjury under relevant state and federal law that the information contained in my leasing application is complete, true, and accurate. I acknowledge that falsification or omission of information may result in immediate dismissal or retraction of any offer of lease. Provide this fully filled out signed document with your Rental Application.

It is agreed by person signing below, that BCI PROPERTIES, LLC (herein referred to as LANDLORD or BCI) may review of my application for employment or leasing-rental check of applicants suitability for a Job or Rental. I hereby voluntarily consent to and authorize the LANDLORD, or its authorized agents bearing this release or copy thereof to whomever past employer, landlord or other person who may be of help to BCI, to obtain a consumer report for employment/leasing purposes. This is purchased by LANDLORD from a 3rd party Screening Agency and as such is Non-refundable. I agree that this consumer report may include any of the following:

  • Employment Verification, Education Verification, Credentials Verification
  • Personal Identity Verifications, Past Employment Verification, Reference Checks
  • Criminal + Sex Offender Records, Civil Cases, Motor Vehicle Records, Credit Report etc
  • PROOF of Income, three month’s paycheck stub or Bank statement. Employers may be called to verify employment

I authorize all persons and organizations that may have information relevant to this research to disclose such information to LANDLORD or its authorized agents. I hereby release LANDLORD, its authorized agents, and all persons and organizations providing information from all claims and liabilities of any nature in connection with this research. I hereby further authorize that a photocopy of this authorization may be considered as valid as the original.

I understand that I have specific prescribed rights as a consumer under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (‘FCRA’) and may have additional rights under relevant state law. I hereby certify that I have been presented with a summary of my rights as a consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Housing Laws.

NOTICE of MOVE-IN IONSPECTION: Applicants must do a Move-in Inspection with a check sheet provided by BCI before you sign any documents or pay any money for rent, deposit etc. BCI will do a scheduled inspection within 90 days to ensure all is good with your move in, plus every 180 days to inspect for issues that may need the attention of the owner.

NOTICE of Estimated or Pro-Rated payments disbursal: Applicant signature below signifies that it is understood and you agree that any estimated fees or charges such as for rent payment at the inception of a Lease, or deposit etc., may be re-calculated at a later time. This can cause a partial refund or added debit/charge to the applicant or tenant at a later date.


  1. Screening Fee, Cashier’s Check or Money Order preferred: $50
  2. Photo ID: Such as a Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport or Immigration cars)
  3. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.
  4. Proof of Income, such as check stubs, bank statement or letter from Employer.
Date of Birth
Social Security number
Drivers license number# and State of issue


To whom it may concern: has applied for residency with BCI Properties, LLC for one of our rentals. As a part of our application process, it is necessary that we obtain verification of rental history. We are requesting your help with completion of this form and return of it within two business days and we will do the same for you when you need such information.

Authorization to release Tenant History Information, by
I hereby authorize ,mypastLandlord or Property Manager, to release information regarding my rental history. Applicant/Tenant Name:

Resident Address we are seeking information about:

To be completed by Landlord:

Additional Monthly Charges:
Is the account current? Was sufficient notice given to move out? Was the rental left clean? Does or did Resident Pay on Time? *If NO, Please indicate number of late payments: Any NSF's? Dispo's Filed? Pets? Was deposit returned? Would you rent to this tenant again? Were there any nuisance complaints?
Application and payment signature approval. By using Paypal to pay for the screening and application, the user hereby agrees to use this secure payment method as further approval of the processing of the application. Just type your name in italics on the signature line.